CDL Training Programs in Kansas City

New Programs sideWith over 20 years in the trucking industry, we know how important training is when wanting to start a career as a truck driver.

Our CDL TRACTOR/TRAILER OPERATOR PROGRAM is an entry level driver training program for the Missouri and Kansas CDL tests. Hands on field and classroom training provide an intuitive learning experience that prepares our students for the real world of truck driving. Class A CDL training includes Federal Motor Carrier Safety law and regulations, state regulations, and proficiency in the skills required to obtain employment. CDL Pros offers day, evening and weekend classes. We work with the top trucking companies in the nation and can also help connect you with recruiters seeking new or partial-experienced truck drivers.

Students attend classroom training covering such subjects as diverse safety situations, logbooks, defensive driving, backing, long distance road driving and job search techniques. Preparation for the CDL driving test is done out in the field in the truck.

Field training includes both observation and behind the wheel time. The field training consists of driving in training areas that include a combination of highway, city and heavy traffic driving. There is a tested and proven emphasis on defensive driving, backing and safety. Emergency procedures are also practiced extensively. The training also consists of DOT skill practice, job search training, DOT road testing and ultimately graduation then employment. Homework is assigned on a regular basis and students must be prepared for an intensive program of study. Drivers graduating from our course will normally have all endorsements necessary to work nationwide, regionally and locally for the nation’s largest truckload carriers.

One Day
If you have prior experience with driving commercial vehicles, but need a refresher course, then this program is perfect for you. We provide the professional training you need.  Our One Day Course is designed for job trained drivers looking to get a commercial drivers license to further their career or drivers requiring specific endorsements on there already existing Class A or B CDL.  Kansas and Missouri permits accepted. (A valid permit older then 14 days is required.)

Two Day
Need a little more training and practice than our One Day Course!?  Or need a bit more time before your test day. Feel free to request this affordable alternative course.  If you have some experience, this CDL course is perfect for you.  Partially experienced truck drivers with limited manual transmission experience is what this course works best for.  The Two Day Course is tailored for newer drivers that need a CDL with the right endorsements, reduced restrictions, or renewal of a Class A or B CDL.  Kansas and Missouri permits accepted. (A valid permit older then 14 days is required.)

One Week
Our One Week program is an extensive look into the world of truck driving and is a intense and involved CDL training course.  Here you will learn everything from skilled maneuvers, required Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, over the road trucking and more.  Never driven a larger vehicle before but seem to have the aptitude for it?  This course comes highly recommended. The One Week Course is for those whom considered a career into a secure and competitive future, know what they want in life, and are willing to reach out and make it happen.  With this course you are required to study, train, test, and drive daily to reach your goals and the goals of our instructors.  (A valid permit older then 14 days is required.)

Four Week
Our Four Week program is our most extensive program we offer. Even if you never stepped inside of a semi-truck before, we can get you where you need to be to enter into the wonderful world of professional truck driving.   This course is the most beneficial for those seeking employment, require help obtaining a permit, and are looking for 160 hours of training.  The Four Week Course is certified by the State Board of Higher Education backed by the Missouri Full Employment Council, Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation and Missouri Career Centers.  If you are unemployed, part time, a veteran, or looking to get back in the game you might qualify into our Four Week Course all expenses paid!  (Permit test training) and financial information is available upon request.