Pre-Trip Inspection Guide

Our Pre-Trip Inspection Guide is a CDL Pros imperative resource that we have for purchase to anyone! It is also readily available for all students who go through our programs. This is a guide to better prepare you when you go to the Department of Transportation to test for your class A or class B Commercial Driver’s License whether it be in Missouri or Kansas. For the people out there who need a more visual training approach to learning this guide is for you.

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We also offer our Pre-Trip Inspection Guide in Spanish.

También ofrecemos nuestra Guía de inspección previa al viaje en español.

Pre-Trip Inspection Training Video

We also have a Pre-Trip Inspection Training Video Available purchase for those that need the full training experience. This video is actual-live course material that students study from “in class” when they are learning how to preform there pre-trip inspection for the test at the Department of Transportation.

Training Video Add



If you would like to order your Pre-trip Inspection Guide or Training Video then please feel free to contact us at 816-918-5620 or email us directly at